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Why a CD/Web Hybrid?

I created the Whole Health CD/Web hybrid (purchase the CD in the bookstore) to help save you time and to help you avoid difficulties in this class. What is a CD/Web hybrid? Basically, it's a Web site pressed onto a CD-ROM (see Figure 1 below). It looks and acts just like any other web site, however, because it is on CD, you can play a large portion of its content without having to log onto the Internet. So, not only do you NOT have to WAIT for an Internet connection, you are using your computer CD-ROM drive which is much faster than the fastest Internet connection. This means less waiting for pages to download AND it means that I can add more multimedia features to the Web site. Multimedia files on the Whole Health CD-ROM are larger, high quality files that should play back perfectly on your computer.

If you are using Windows OS, when you put the disk in your computer disk drive, you may see a screen appear like the one below. If so, please select "Take no action" and proceed to open the index.htm file located in the Wholehealth CD-ROM. If you have a Mac, you won't get this annoying message window, just proceed to open up the disk icon and double click the index.htm file.

Figure 1. Screen Shot of Windows attention dialog

Opening the "index.htm" File

Using the Whole Health CD/Web hybrid is easy. You must first open up the "index.htm" file, which is the home page for the WholeHealth web site. This file is found at the root level of the WholeHealth CD-ROM. There are two ways to do this. One way is to simply double-click on the WholeHealth CD icon that is on your computer's "desktop". This will open up a window that displays the contents of the CD. You should see the "index.htm" file. Double-click on this file; this should automatically launch your default Web browser application and you will arrive at the WholeHealth home page.

In some cases, this method will not work. If that is the case, you can use an alternate method for arriving at the home page. First, open up your favorite browser (i.e., Netscape or Explorer) and from the "File" menu in your browser, select "Open" or "Open File" (or something to that affect). "Browse" to your desktop where you will see the "WholeHealth" disc icon. Double click (or "Open") the disc icon and then double click on the "index.htm" file. Presto! You should be looking at the home page of the WholeHealth Web site.

The Distance Learning Area

One of the first things you should do is to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Whole Health CD-ROM. A screen shot of the home page is shown below (See Figure 2).


Figure 2: Screen Shot of Distance Learning Start Page

This is the Distance Learning HOME page. The Distance Learning page will have all the links that you will need for this class. A close up of the table of contents on the Distance Learning main page is seen in Figure 3 below.

Not every web page that is referenced on the WholeHealth site will be contained on the CD-ROM (note asterisks in Figure 3 below). Eventually you will need to log on to the Internet. When you come across a link that is "out there" on the Web, and you click on it, your "Dial up" program or other type of modem (i.e., cable DSL, etc.) will automatically log you on to the Web and you will be connected. YOU WILL NEED INTERNET ACCESS TO USE SOME PARTS OF THE WHOLE HEALTH CD-ROM.

The figure below shows the table of contents on the Distance Learning area page. Notice that there are links to the different assignments and links to the post pages for the assignments. You will also find links to examples or, "model" summaries like the Model lecture summary and Model Unit Summary assignments. You should familiarize yourself with each of the areas in the table of contents.

Figure 3: Screen Shot of Table of Contents - Distance Learning main page
Note: links in Figure below are not active)

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