Spiritual health sub menu. Photo of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Before we discuss the "how to's" of spiritual health, we need to discuss the question, "What is spiritual health"? I have done a bit of research on spiritual health and am convinced of its fundamental importance to optimal human health. My own research has led to the publication of an article in the Journal of Health Education (Nov./Dec.,1993) entitled, Foundations for Spirituality: Establishing the Viability of Spirituality Within the Health Disciplines. Subsequently, I was asked to write two more articles for Mosby's Health Connection newsletter. While not much is written in current health textbooks on the topic of spiritual health, health educators still firmly believe in the importance of this topic for their students. This module is an attempt to expand the knowledge of students and others who are interested in the relationship between spirituality and optimal health. The photo is of the "Garden of the Gods" in Colorado Springs, Colorado.