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Student Rights - Judicial Process


The Board of Trustees shall establish rules and regulations for student conduct

while on campus and/or engaged in any college-sponsored activity.


Student Code of Conduct


The Vice President of Student Services, or the Executive Dean of North County Campus and South County Centers, shall be responsible for enforcing rules and regulations for all activities of students at times and places when students are under college jurisdiction, except that individual teachers are given the power to suspend students for good cause for the remainder of the subject school day, plus up to one additional class meeting. The Vice President of Student Services or the Executive Dean, are the Judicial Officers of the college for the purpose of exercising the disciplinary functions.


Student Incident Resolution Process


Refer to the District Policies and Regulations

District Policies and Regulations

in the Cuesta College Catalog for more information.


Student Complaint Procedure

Since students who are dissatisfied with an experience on campus may not be knowledgeable about the appropriate avenues to take regarding their complaint and/or the chain of command, they may refer to "Student Complaint Procedures".  If a student is not satisfied with the solution posed through appropriate Academic Affairs channels, then student may make an appointment with the Vice President of Student Services or the Executive Dean of North County Campus and South County Centers, who will serve as a clearing-house to evaluate the student's next steps.

Cuesta College Board Policies

Student Code of Conduct

Student Complaint and Grievance Due Process

Academic Honesty

Student Discipline

Student Grievance

Sexual Harassment

Unlawful Discrimination


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Student Incident

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Student Personnel Referral

Staff Response Resource Guide  - Unacceptable Student Behavior

Faculty Response Resource Guide - Unacceptable Student Behavior

Emotionally Distressed Student Handbook

Student Incident Wellness Report Form






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