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Banner General Navigation
Online Training

Welcome to online training for navigating Banner application.

The 8 modules below are designed to give the user a quick
(18-minute) overview of how to navigate
within the Banner suite of applications.

TIP: When viewing a module, use the navigation tools at the
bottom of the screen to pause, play, backup, or fast forward.

NOTE: Detailed instructions appear at the bottom of this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For best viewing, it is strongly recommended that
 monitor resolution be set to a minimum of 1152 x 864.
Click here to learn how


Banner Navigation Training Modules

Modules Macromedia Flash
1- Welcome to Banner Navigation Training (1:42)
click for mod #1
2 - Overview of Forms (1:57)
click for mod #2
3 - Blocks (2:36)
click for mod #3
4 - Fields and Field Values (3:15)
click for mod #4
5 - Records (1:11)
click for mod #5
6 - Searching for Codes (3:02)
click for mod #6
7 - Finding Forms Fast (1:39)
click for mod #7
8 - Oops! and Help (2:36)
click for mod #8

Click here to view Advanced Searching in Banner
Click here to view the Banner Navigation manual

Macromedia Flash (1040x738) NOTE: For best viewing, it is strongly recommended that monitor resolution be set to a minimum of  1152 x 864.
  1. Click the hyperlink in the table above for the appropriate module.
    The module will begin playing in your web browser.
  2. When the module concludes, click the "Back" button on your web browser's toolbar.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the remain modules.