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  Mark D. Turner, Mathematics
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How To Get Help

You can always come by my office, call, or send me an e-mail anytime you need help. My office is 3436, and the phone number is 546-3100 ext. 2823. Beyond my regular office hours, if the door is open then I am available to help you.

Here are some other resources that are available to you when you need help.

Student Success Center - The Student Success Center provides free drop-in tutoring for math. It is located in Building 3300 on the SLO Campus and in Building N3100 on the North County Campus. For more information, see the Tutorial Services web page, or call 546-3150 (SLO Campus) or 591-6245 (NCC).

Online Tutoring - Online tutoring is available this semester through the Student success Center. Online tutoring is available by appointment only. More information is available on their website.

Library - The Library keeps a collection of video CDs/DVDs that accompany the text book for many mathematics courses. Typically the videos involve a professional or instructor who works through examples similar to those found in the text. You can watch the videos in the Library, or check them out overnight and watch them at home. The videos are a good way to catch up on any material you may have missed by being absent from class.

Publisher Resources - Some publishers offer tutorial help services online, by phone, or by e-mail to students using their textbooks. Check the front of your textbook under student supplements to see if some kind of help service is offered, or check the publisher's web site for information about available resources. I usually provide links to textbook web sites on the Links page for each course I teach.