CAOA62 Introduction to Keyboarding

Summer 2012:


June 24, 2013 - July 25, 2013




June 20, 6 PM Room 4111

June 24, 2012
July 25, 2012

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Assignment Schedule

I have found it necessary to add an incentive to the assignment grading procedure. The assignment schedule clearly states the dates each completed lesson is due. The following link contains a copy of that schedule:


Summer 2012


June 20, 6 PM Room 4111
June 24, 2012
July 25, 2012

Assignment Schedule

Assignment Schedule + Publisher Grade



I believe those students that complete their assignments on time and consistently work to the schedule should be rewarded this is why I've devised a grading structure that is not solely on your ablity to meet a WPM goal. This is a distribution of the assignment point values:

  • 1st Class Session = 3%
  • Assignment Schedule = 80%
  • Publishers WPM grade = 17%

If you were absent from the first class session and made arrangements with me before the class date, I will given you credit for attending the first meeting.



Assignment Schedule Points

  1. Each assignment has 70 points designated toward completing the work as scheduled. This is the way I will dispurse those points:

    • Assignment On time = 70 pts
    • One week late = 62 pts
    • Two Weeks Late = 55 pts
    • three Weeks Late = 48 pts
    • Four Weeks Late = 41 pts


Publisher's Grading Scale

  1. The publisher gives you a running total of your goal WPM and the assignments you have successfully completed. I am finding some very good students are becoming frustrated because they cannot always achieve their WPM goal for an "A" on the line they have typed. Please don't let this frustrate you. The timings are averaged together for the entire lesson and also for the entire class. One line may be more difficult because you need to use your little finger alot or you have simply had a bad day.
  2. It is only required that one of the three timings meets the accuracy rate. If you are not achieving your accuracy rate, you will not receive credit for that line of the assignment. To view a copy of your online assignment record, follow the steps outlined in
    Step 5 - Information About the Course
  3. I will be giving you points for Average WPM Goal met. This is how those points will be calculated:

    • WPM "A" Goal Met = 48 pts
    • WPM "B" Goal Met = 41 pts
    • WPM "C" Goal Met = 36 pts
    • WPM "D" Goal Met = 31 pts
    • WPM Below "D" = 26 pts

  4. These grades are given at the time the assignment is completed. The point values are not adjusted; however, your final WPM score can be adjusted at any time by redoing lines you achieved a low WPM score on before the last class session.

Accuracy Rate for Assignments

  1. The acceptable number of errors allowed for the timings has been set in your typing course standards. You can view your individual standards when you log onto keyboarding online and click on setup.
  2. Everyone has the same accuracy requirement:

    • 15 Second timing = 0 Errors
    • 30 Second timing = 1 Error
    • 1 Minute timing = 1 Error
    • 2 Minute timing = 2 Errors
    • 3 Minute timing = 3 Errors
    • 4 Minute timing = 4 Errors
    • 5 Minute timing = 5 Errors


Suggested Strategy


Complete each line correctly at least once so you can receive a score on that line.  Once you have completed that line correctly go on to the next line.  If you complete the entire assignment before the due date, you can always go back to a particular line and try to increase your average speed.  The second week of the semester I will set your WPM goal rate.  This grade is an average of all the lessons completed by the end of the class.  You can always go back after a line has been completed accurately and try to increase the speed on a line. This will increase the average speed for the lesson.


Online Grade Record

Your grades are recorded in Moodle. In order to view your grade you will need to log onto the program, click on the link for this class. Please post any questions through Moodle. I am able to monitor and store these for everyone in the class. There are important discussions and questions that have come up during the course. This will be updated regularily.

Please follow the instructions in the attached handout to view your class information:

Moodle Instructions



Marilyne Cleeves 

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