Math Lab Software

This is a list of the software currently on the computers in the Math Lab. This reflects the software that we have in conjunction with the textbooks that we are currently using.


Software Title

Math 3

Math Cue

Solution Finder

Math 7

Math Cue

Solution Finder

Math 23

Real to Reel

Digital Video Tour

Math 27

Real to Reel

Digital Video Tour

Math 29

Math Cue

Digital Video Companion

Math 42

InterAct Math

Math 65



MiniTab version 12.23

Statistics Data

Math 83


DPGraph 2000

Curve Plots (on some machines)

Math 85

Converge (on some machines)


Math Assistant


We have additional software that can be used as a tutorial assistant but is not keyed to any of our texts. Among them are:

Multimedia Products – This is a series that has CD’s highlighting topics from Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus I & II, Probability & Statistics, and Differential Equations. Each CD includes a series of problems that a student can attempt. If they have difficulty, they can request that the computer show a similar worked out problem, a detailed help screen for the problem, or have the computer show the problem completely worked out.

Mathpert Calculus Assistant – This CD does things similar to the TI-89. It can be used in conjunction with Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Pre-Calculus Algebra, and Calculus.

Larson/Hostetler College Algebra Study Companion – This CD came with the Larson/Hostetler College Algebra text. It can be used to get a different viewpoint on Pre-Calculus Algebra topics.

Expert Algebra CD – This CD presents the student with a problem to solve. Should the student have difficulty, there are several options available: The "Cheat Sheet" shows the rules involved in solving the problem, "Example" shows the student a similar problem completely worked out, "Steps" shows the steps to solve the problem with student interaction allowed, and "Answer" shows the answer to the problem (without showing the steps needed).