MATH 283

Calculus III: Multivariable Calculus

5.0 hours lecture per week.
Associate Degree Applicable.
Prerequisite: MATH 265B (Calculus II) or equivalent with a grade of C or better.

Presents a study of differentiation and integration of multiple variable functions, parametric curves in two and three dimensions, optimization, line integrals, and the calculus of vector fields. Specific topics include vector functions, partial derivatives, surfaces, parametric equations, multiple integrals (with rectangular, polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates), and vector calculus (including line integrals, flux integrals, Greens Theorem, the Divergence Theorem, and Stokes Theorem). Every topic will be taught geometrically, numerically, and algebraically.
Transfer: CSU; UC

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Revised January 20, 2015