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I have created hundreds of engineering statics videos online for you to watch on http://www.yourotherteacher.com/ or http://www.statics.com/.You donít have to watch all of the online videos, but if engineering statics still seem confusing to you then watch some more.Please donít think that all you have to do is watch the videos as there is no substitution for solving engineering statics problems on your own.

If you need a review of statics please check out Statics.com or YourOtherTeacher.com.

Engineering Statics
Analysis of forces on structures in engineering statics equilibrium, properties of forces, moments, couples and resultant, conditions for engineering statics equilibrium, friction, centroids, and area moments of inertia.
Engineering statics is one of the first hardcore engineering courses that engineering students take. The key to mastering engineering statics is solving many problems so that after you have done enough engineering statics problems that you realize that most engineering statics problems are the same, just a slight twist between the different engineering statics problems.


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All of the videos are free so you have nothing to loose.