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Guidelines to Types of Employment

Classified, Confidential, Manager, and
      Faculty Forms & Information


Forms for Classified Staff and Managers

Request for Professional Growth Form
Education Plan Document

Short-Year Calendar 2013-14
   -Short-Year Calendar Information

Questions? Contact  Janeal Jones

Cell Phone Stipend Agreement/Termination Form
NEW!  Cell Phone Stipend Procedure

Questions? Contact Frank Stapleton

Cabinet Personnel Action Request
Reclassification Process

Request for Reclassification 

Questions? Contact Gaye Steil

Request for Name Change

Questions? Contact Lacey Wasley



Forms for Faculty

Coursework Approval
FSA Request Form

FSA Discipline List

Request for Name Change


Questions? Contact Frank Stapleton


Request for Workload Exchange
Request to Bank Faculty Workload
Request To Use Banked Time

Minimum Qualifications

Questions? Contact Alaina Morgan

Selection Committee EEO Training

1. Equal Employment Opportunity Training & Quiz

Questions? Contact Gaye Steil

Classified Evaluation
Classified Plan of Improvement
Confidential Evaluation
Faculty Evaluations
Manager/Supervisor Evaluation

Questions? Contact Frank Stapleton for faculty, Janeal Jones for other

Catastrophic Leave Application & Documents

Academic/Faculty Application Process

Classified Application

Confidential/Management Application

Leave Donation Form


Questions? Contact Frank Stapleton

Professional Development

Short-term, Student, Substitute &
    Volunteer Forms & Information


Hiring Forms and Procedures

Short-Term, Student & Substitute Employees - Hiring Procedures Flowchart

Claims Employee Packet

Web Time Entry FAQ



NEW! Personnel Authorization Request Form 2013-2104

PLEASE NOTE: This form must be filled out online

(Paper color for 2013-2014 is Lavender )

(Paper color for 2013-2014 FWS is Lime Green)


Instructions available soon!


NEW! Short-Term Employee Salary Schedule 2013-2014

    (Use this to assign pay rate)

Questions? Contact  Lacey Wasley


Temporary Employee Orientation

Reservations required. New employees must bring photo ID
and social security card to check-in. Current tuberculin skin test results and fingerprint clearance must be on file with Human Resources prior to attending orientation.


1. Pre-Employment Online Orientation


2. Pre-Employment Orientation Quiz

Questions? Contact Lacey Wasley (email) 805-546-3129 (phone)





Volunteer Work Request 2013-2014
This form, along with current tuberculin skin test results and fingerprint clearance must be on file with Human Resources prior to volunteering.


Questions? Contact Lacey Wasley





Work Related Injury Information

Accident Reporting Procedures

Medical Clinics (District Approved)

Accident Investigation Report Form

Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Questions? Contact Frank Stapleton