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Getting a Grant

For Project Review, Grant Preparation, 
Grants Management and Reporting

I. Project Review and Selection Process

A. The project initiator brings a project to his/her Division Chair and Dean or Manager and Vice President and the  review. 

  1. The project initiator and Division Chair/Manager make a preliminary determination that the project addresses specific unit goals and is in line with the annual College Plan and the Master Plan.
  1. The project initiator completes the Checklist for Cabinet Project Review (available on the Grants Program webpage, . There is a general project checklist review period in October-November, although projects may also be submitted at other times, if need or opportunity arises.
  1. Note: The project initiator and/or Manager or Division Chair may consult with the Executive Director of Foundation/Advancement at any point during this process.

B. The project initiator brings the project checklist to his/her Dean or Vice President for discussion and review.

C. The Dean or Vice President sends the finalized checklist via email to the Executive Director of Foundation/Advancement

D. The Presidentís Cabinet assesses the project, determining whether or not the project is in line with current College Plan goals and the Master Plan. The Executive Director of Foundation/Advancement determines whether or not funds are available for such a proposal and if it can be submitted in a timely manner, given the research and writing needed and the Grants Programs other commitments. Cabinet then determines whether the Grants Program will pursue funding opportunities for the project.


II. Grants Management and Reporting Process

A. If the grant is awarded, the awarding organization will send the unsigned contract either to the Executive Director of Foundation/Advancement  or the project initiator. Whoever receives the contract should convey it as soon as possible to the Advancement Office, who will gather the needed signatures and return the contract to the funding organization for final approval. When the fully-executed contract is returned, a copy will be sent to the projectís director and the relevant Dean or Vice President and Superintendent/ President. The original will be placed in the grant file in the Advancement office.

B. After receiving the fully-executed contract, the Executive Director of Foundation/Advancement will send a copy to Fiscal Services, requesting that a categorical cost center and account numbers for the project be opened. The accountant will provide the project director with the account numbers and the Advancement Office with copies of receipts for checks deposited in the accounts and account expenditures, to be included in the grant file.

C. The project's director, whether the initiator or another person, will provide Fiscal Services with copies of receipts and records for all grant-funded project activities when requesting funds or reimbursements.

D. The Advancement Office will maintain a file on each funded grant, which will include the grant proposal, a copy of the executed award contract, instructions and forms for progress and final reports, copies of receipts, periodic expenditure and balance statements and copies of progress and final reports.

E. Fiscal Services will maintain financial records for each grant-funded project, including records of all College in-kind and release time used as match, matching funds provided through the Cuesta College Foundation and any subcontractor contracts and expenditures. Fiscal Services will provide a financial report to the project's director and the Advancement Office at intervals to be determined during the project period. In the case of grants which have the Foundation as the fiscal receiver, these activities will be coordinated with the CFO of the Foundation.

F. The Executive Director of Foundation/Advancement will meet with the projectís director at the beginning of the project to review with her/him the grant awardís proposed activities, expenditures and the funderís reporting requirements.

G. The projectís director will write all progress and final reports, submit them to the Executive Director of Foundation/Advancement and the appropriate Dean or Vice President for review and send the reports to the funding agency. Fiscal Services staff will provide progress and final budget reports, using the forms or format requested by the granting agency or foundation.

H. The project coordinator will send progress and final reports to the funding agency or foundation by reporting deadlines and supply complete copies of these
reports to the Grants Program and the appropriate Dean or Vice President.


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