Worksheet 13 answers

1.  done in class

2.  103 kJ/mol  (from Kp = 9.55E-19) 

3.  delta G = 131 kJ, Kp = 1.1E-23

4.  1.6 E-11

5.  334 K for the bp of bromine

6.  high temps will cause the reaction to be spontaneous (the -T deltaS term will be larger, and negative)

7.  calculate K from std. delta G, K = 8.9.  Calculate Q from pressures, Q = 9.6.  Since K<Q, rxn goes left.

or calculate delta G non-std, = 200 J, since this is positive the reaction is non-spontaneous in forward direction

8.  -70 kJ

9.  3.6 E24, big negative delta G means a huge value of K!


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