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Cuesta College Office of Advancement

8100 Building, San Luis Obispo campus

Contact: Executive Director Foundation/Advancement
(805) 546-3279 • fax (805) 546-3959


The Best Benefits for Students
Increased awareness of the needs of students, educational programs and services,
resulting in greater support for these needs.

The Greatest College Involvement
Increased involvement—by the college family and its closest allies (such as Alumni, Trustees, Foundation Directors, Advisory Council Members) in activities that build support for students, faculty, educational programs and capital needs. A greater understanding among college executives, management and all personnel, of the awareness, planning and hands-on involvement needed to achieve success in enrollment growth, a capital fund drive, the passage of a bond measure and procuring grant funding.

The Highest Level of Support
A coordinated approach to resource development and advocacy to increase public and private grants, annual and planned gifts and public funding.

The Finest Representation
An image of Cuesta College—and wide popular opinion—that the college is a core community resource, recognized for its comprehensive mission and diverse human, programmatic and academic resources that provide all citizens with access and opportunity to learn, improve, train, participate, enjoy, and grow. The presentation of Cuesta College as a first class, first rate, first choice institution of higher education.



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