Cuesta College Foundation Programs header
Endowment Name Year Established   Endowment Name Year Established
ACORN Scholarship 2001 Jim and Maxine Greathouse Endowment  1992
Ada Irving Nursing Endowment Fund  1991 John and Dorothy Hayner Memorial Scholarship  2002
Afghanistan and Iraq Wounded War Veterans Scholarship 2007 John Bowen Memorial Scholarship  1989
Alice Thompson Scholarship Fund  1995 John G. Schaub Memorial "Dean's" Award 1999
Alvin E. and Mary S. Rhodes Trustee Award  1990 John K. and Vivian B. Christian Scholarship  1999
Anna Adams-Gohler Nursing Scholarship  1997 Joyce Williams Smith Memorial Scholarship  1987
Arlene B. Chandler and Everett M. Chandler Endowment  2002 Judy Barclay Mathematics Scholarship Fund 2008
Arletta Dennis Moore Scholarship Fund  1991 June and Jayson McBade Endowment Fund  1989
Audrey J. English Memorial Endowment  1992 Kathryn Trout Memorial Fund  1984
Avis J. Madden, R.N., Memorial Scholarship 1987 Kenneth Diefenderfer Scholarship Endowment 2007
B. T. and Bonnie Mills Scholarship Fund  2000 LaVonne Gaebe Nursing Scholarship Fund  1997
Barry Frantz Scholarship Fund  2001 League of Women Voters Scholarship in Memory of Beverly Hund  1993
Baywood Park Women's Club Scholarship Endowment  1973 Lillian Dean Memorial Fund 2006
Be Happy, Smile at a Stranger Drama Scholarship in Memory of Daniel Cicchini, Danny Boy  2005 Lorraine V. Erno, R.N., Memorial Scholarship  1998
Bejae Mallory Blake Endowment 2007 Lucille Peyton Endowment  1989
Bert Conklin Scholarship Endowment  1996 M. L. Duke Scholarship  1985
Bessie Barnes Scholarship   1989 Margaret Peart-Collier Early Childhood Education Endowment Scholarship  1989
Betty A. Cousins "Queenie" Scholarship  1999 Margaret Templeton Scholarship 2004
Betty Nielsen Scholarship Fund  1994 Marie Alice Peart and Gilbert M. Peart Scholarship Fund  1992
Blezilda "Blez" Soriano  Maduli Memorial Scholarship 2008 Mario Rizzoli Automotive Scholarship 2004
Brian Caldwell Scholarship Fund  1989 Mark Corey Pitchlyn Textbook Grant  1992
Bud and Grace Myers Scholarship Quota International of Paso Robles  2000 Martha C. Bennett Nursing Endowment  2005
C. Baring Farmer, M.D., Scholarship 1989 Mary E. Smith Memorial Marine Biology Award  1983
C. M. Peart Family Endowment  2001 Mary Mae McQuaid Scholarship Fund 1997
C.C.F.T. Bob Hartwig Memorial Scholarship Endowment 2007 Matthew Aydelott Endowment for Youth 2008
Calvin and Ruth Gabriel Family Scholarship  1994 Maude E. Shawhan Scholarship Endowment  1991
Carl A. Carlson Scholarship Fund  2001 Merlin and June Eisenbise Endowment Fund  1996
Carmen Mauro Scholarship  1990 Mickey Testa Memorial Scholarship  1998
Carolyn Ragsdale Nursing Scholarship 2005 Military Officers Association of America Ladies (MOAAL) Scholarship 1991
Central Coast Women's League Scholarship  1985 Milton and Margaret Levy Endowment Scholarship Fund  1989
Central Shores Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society Excellence in Nursing Scholarship  2001 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lutz Scholarship Fund  1989
Charles and Marjorie Burkhardt Endowment  1991 Nellie Bjorn Nursing Scholarship  2002
Charline Albertine Knight Nursing Scholarship  1993 Norberto G. Diaz Scholarship Fund 2004
Chris Stodolka Scholarship for Academic Excellence  1994 Patty Riley "Big Sun Peppermint Willow" Scholarship  1999
Chris Topher Giambalvo Memorial Fund  1995 Paul and Katherine Schmitt Scholarship Fund  2002
Christy Sweeny Scholarship Fund for Nursing Students 2004 Peter and Maria Nappi Scholarship  1990
Clifford Engineering and Science Scholarship  2001 Peter and M'May Diffley Award for Faculty Excellence  1989
College Grant Fund  1993 Peter K. Pedersen Endowment 2006
College Readiness Endowment  1991 Portraits in Music/Public Events Endowment  1989
Craig Farley Ryan Gift of Life Scholarship  1985 Quota International of Morro Bay Garnet Coughlin Scholarship  1991
Cuesta College Endowment Fund  1982 Quota International of San Luis Obispo Endowment Fund 1994
David A. Finely and Eva E. Finley Endowment (formerly The Finley-Kolemaine Scholarship) 2002 Ralph Waldo and Opal Lucy Daugherty Scholarship Fund  2000
Diamond Family Endowment 2005 Ralston Family Scholarship Fund  1993
Disabled Student Programs and Services Endowment Fund  1989 Ramona Frost and Nancy Shearer Foreign Language Scholarship  1988, 2008
Dolores E. McLaughlin Art Scholarship 2007 REV Doctor Sharon Rose Daugherty Scholarship Fund  2000
Don and Elaine Holley Coats Scholarship Endowment 2002 Robert David Endowment  1999
Don Hansen Basketball Camp Scholarship  2000 Rose and Robert Lane Music Endowment 2008
Doreen Chapman Bird Scholarship 2007 Rose Polin McKeen and William Henry McKeen Scholarship  1994
Dori Lynn Deutsche Scholarship 2003 Rosie Benevedo Memorial Scholarship 2008
Dorothy B. Stork Memorial Endowment  2005 Ruth Whipple and Genevieve Coolidge Endowment 1972
Dowell Fund for Technology Advancement  2000 San Luis Obispo General Hospital Auxiliary Endowment Fund  1990
Dr. Barbara H. George Fund for the Greatest Need  2004 Scholarship Endowment for Nursing Students  1989
Dr. Danny Lickness Nursing Scholarship  1998 Schwartz-Studer Scholarship Fund  2000
Dr. Gilbert H. Stork Scholarship  2004 Sid and Bonnie Bartholow Scholarship  2002
Dr. R Speech Scholarship 2006 Sidney R. Broadbent, M.D., Nurse Training Fund  2005
Dr. R.s Excellence Fund 2006 Sierra Vista Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary Scholarship  1990
Dr. W. Boyd and Mrs. Carol Judd Scholarship in Honor of Anita Judd 2002 SLO County Physicians Endowment Fund  1995
Earle B. and Diane P. Blakeslee Endowment Fund  1988 Soroptimist International of San Luis Obispo Scholarship Award  1991, 2007
Ed Atkinson Memorial Nursing Scholarship  1978 Susan Dressler and Jack Bohannon Scholarship Endowment (merger of the Jack Bohannon Scholarship Endowment and the Dr. Susan Dressler Fund for Faculty Professional Development) 2008 (1996 and 2006)
Eleanor Sears Memorial Scholarship Endowment  1988 Teaching and Service Excellence Awards  1992
Elizabeth Brown Endowment  1994 The Carl and Carol Schliep Fund  1983
Elizabeth Tudor Scholarship of the Central Coast Renaissance Historical Society 1995 The Carol Judd Scholarship Endowment 2007
Ethel Cooley Scholarship Endowment Fund  1993 The Earle B. Blakeslee Music Award  1999
Faculty Grants Endowment Fund 1994 The Farrer Family Women in Technology Scholarship Fund   2000
Farrer Family Emergency Grant Fund 2006 The Fely and Harald Platou Scholarship Fund  1997
Florence Eileen Shaffer Memorial Scholarship  1994 The Gene and Fern Hulse "Twiggy" Award  1994
Foundation Pooled Investments N/A The Grover City Civic Women's Club Scholarship  2000
Fox Family North County Campus Endowment N/A The Joseph T. and Amy Silva Arsenio Endowment  1998
Frady Family Scholarship Endowment  1998 The Laumann Family Scholarship Endowment  1986
Frances A. French and Marion E. French Memorial Nursing Endowment 2007 The Linnaea Phillips Endowment  1998
Francis Vincent See Memorial Fund  1993 The Marianne Michels College for Kids Memorial Scholarship  1998
Frank A. "Tony" Sprague Memorial Award  1989 The Michael James Sotelo Scholarship  2005
Frank and Josephine Avila Endowment Fund  1993 The Norby-Perkins Scholarship Fund  2001
Frank and Lois Martinez President's Scholarship Endowment Fund 1988 The Patrick A. Walsh Memorial Scholarship Fund 1999
Frederick G. Novy III History Scholar Award  1991 The Pete Cagliero Family Endowment  2005
Friends of the Library Lyn Vivrette Scholarship 2005 The Ralph M. and Grace Warten Scholarship 1997
G. D. Wallace Endowment for Public and Community Events 1997 The Rose Sargen Endeavor Scholarship 2005
General Foundation Administration Endowment  1988 The Schwartz Family (Stella, Barney, Dorothy, Mary and Dale) Scholarship  1999
Gil Peter "S.A.M." (Scholastic Achievement in Mathematics) Scholarship Endowment Fund  1996 Thomas and Susan Davies Master Chorale Endowment 2004
Glenn H. Robinson Memorial Scholarship Fund 2003 Tibor Kalman String Quartet Award  1991
Grace N. Mitchell Opportunity Scholarship  1999 Twin Cities Hospital Volunteers Endowment 2009
Harry K. Wolf Scholarship Endowment 2007 Veterinarians of San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Fund 1996
Hassiba Williams Scholarship 2001 Vicki Farrer Endowment  1989
Helen Novy Art Fund  1995 Virgie L. Lebo Scholarship Endowment  1996
Helen R. "Pat" Allen-Kennedy Scholarship Fund  1990 Wallace and Frances J. Reynolds Scholarship Fund  1994
Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of San Luis Obispo County Endowment Fund  1981 Walter Conley Endowment  1993
J. Neils Moses Scholarship  1986 Wanetta Thomas Endowment Fund  1984
J. Vard Loomis Memorial Scholarship Fund  1977 Wendi Lawless Interior Design Endowment Fund  1999
James K. Ekegren, M.D., Nursing Scholarship Fund  1992 Wilhelm Book Endowment Fund 1993
Jane Barnes Williams Endowment Fund 1990 William Larrick Trevathan Fund to Benefit The Learning Disabled  1989
Jean Ann Miller Memorial Endowment  1995 Women's Program Endowment Fund 1990
Jessie H. Ray Encouragement Endowment  1991 Zelle Diefenderfer Endowment  1988
Jim and Maxine Greathouse Endowment  1992