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On-Line ESL Practice

Below are links to on-line language support and practice activities for upper-intermediate and advanced students.

Writing Links

Spelling Punctuation Run-Ons/Fragments

Letter Patterns

Spelling Tips

Root Words 1

Root Words 2

Spelling Test


General Punctuation

Comma Usage

Comma Rules

Comma Splices



Run-ons and Comma Splices

Information and Quiz

Overview and Examples

Overview and Tips


Connectors Paragraph Essay


Coordinating Conjunctions



Paragraph Overview

 Process and Types

Writing Exercises





Writing Process

Types of Essays and Process

Process Writing Activity


Sentence Structure

Recognizing Compound Sentences 1

Recognizing Compound Sentences 2

 Compound and Complex Sentences

Grammar Links

Verb Tenses Present Future

Verb Tense Tutorial

Various Verb Tenses


Simple Present vs. Present Progressive

Going to



Past Perfect Aspect Gerunds and Infinitives

Irregular Verb Game

Simple Past Quiz

Irregular Verbs

Irregular Crossword

Past Progressive vs. Simple Past










Forming Present Perfect

Forming Present Perfect 2

Past Participle Practice

Simple Past and Past Participles

Irregular Past Participles

Gap-fill Exercise

Gap-fill Exercise 2

Writing Sentences

Matching Activity


Present Perfect vs.Past Tense

Simple or Continuous

Past Perfect Gap-fill Exercise

Verb Form Quiz

Verbs + Gerund or Infinitive

Verbs + Gerund or Infinitive 2

Grammar Exercises: Gerund or Infinitive

Gerund/Infinitive Quiz 1

Gerund/Infinitive Quiz 2

Gerund/Infinitive Quiz 3

Gerund/Infinitive Quiz 4








Modals Passive Voice Conditionals

Grammar Exercises: Modals






Forming the Passive Voice

Exercises: Passive Voice

Active vs. Passive Quiz

Gap-fill Exercise

Writing Passive Sentences


Grammar Exercises: Conditionals

Conditional Quiz





Word Parts Adjective Clauses  






Relative Clauses Information

Relative Clause Quiz

Relative Pronoun Gap-fill Activity

Relative Pronoun Gap-fill Activity 3

Relative Pronoun Gap-fill Activity 2




Parts of Speech

Overview Nouns, Verbs and Prepositions Adjectives and Adverbs

Parts of Speech Overview

Information/Practice Activities 1

Information/Practice Activities 2

Examples and Quiz

Lessons and Activities

Writing Wacky Tales

Identify Parts of Speech


















Adverbs vs. Adjectives

Changing Adjectives to Adverbs

Exercises:  Adjectives and Adverbs

Adverbs 1


Adjectives ed vs. ing 1

Adjectives ed vs. ing 2

Adjectives ed vs. ing 3

Adjectives ed vs. ing 4

Quiz  ed vs. ing



Additional Links

Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Intermediate and Advanced Reading Lessons

Reading Activities and Practice

Intermediate Reading Test Practice

Typing Practice

Accuplacer Practice