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A. A. Degree in English

The English Division offers an Associate of Arts (A. A.) degree in English.  If interested, please complete a Cuesta College Application for Associate Degree one semester in advance of the term in which you plan to complete your degree, and please indicate "English" as your discipline of focus for your degree.  The application is available on the Admissions and Records website.

In order to be conferred with an A. A. degree in English, graduates must complete the following English courses with a C or above grade, a total of 22 units, by the time they apply for graduation:

All three courses below are required for an A. A. degree in English:

  • English 201A -- English Composition [4 units] (formerly Engl. 1A)

  • English 201B -- English Composition: Introduction to Literature [3 units] (formerly Engl. 1B)

  • English 201C -- English Composition: Critical Thinking [3 units] (formerly Engl. 1C)

Plus, four of the following 3-unit courses are required for an A. A. degree in English:

  • English 205 -- Introduction to Poetry  (formerly Engl. 5)

  • English 206 -- Introduction to the Novel  (formerly Engl. 6)

  • English 207 -- Introduction to the Short Story  (formerly Engl. 7)

  • English 208 -- Introduction to Drama  (formerly Engl. 8)

  • English 212A -- American Literature  (formerly Engl. 12A)

  • English 212B -- American Literature  (formerly Engl. 12B)

  • English 213 -- Multicultural Voices in American Literature  (formerly Engl. 13)

  • English 215 -- Shakespeare  (formerly Engl. 15)

  • English 216 -- Literature and Film  (formerly Engl. 16)

  • English 217 -- Literature by Women  (formerly Engl. 17)

  • English 231 -- Creative Writing  (formerly Engl. 31)

  • English 244A -- European Literature  (formerly Engl. 44A)

  • English 244B -- European Literature  (formerly Engl. 44B)

  • English 246A -- Survey of British Literature  (formerly Engl. 46A)

  • English 246B -- Survey of British Literature  (formerly Engl. 46B)





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