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Facilities Technology Management

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Facilities Technology Management Degree Summary

The Facilities Technology Management  program meets the need for technically trained employees in the maintenance and management of commercial, utility and industrial facilities.  The need has arisen due to the increase of high technology in the average operation and maintenance of commercial, utilities and manufacturing facilities.  The demand for highly trained plant maintenance technicians, supervisors and managers has increased both locally and statewide.

Facilities Technology Management is a two-year program that is designed to build a solid foundation in electronics, construction, automotive, metals technologies along with business, management and leadership skills. The goal of the degree is to provide cross discipline training that will prepare a student to maintain all types of plant equipment from heavy equipment to plant automation equipment, as well as maintain the plant structures and manage the people that run them. Graduates of the program will be qualified for jobs as facilities and plant maintenance technicians and be prepared for management and supervision roles as well as many more specialized areas of the industrial electronics and technical maintenance and management.

Facilities Technology Management is not designed to be a transfer program but to provide students with industry applicable skills within a two-year period.  However, some courses within the program may eventually be linked with four-year industrial technology and agricultural technology programs that provide students with a path for continuing their degree studies.