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State Division of Apprenticeship Standards Electrician Trainee Program 
and Electrical Apprenticeship Preparation Program

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Electrical Technology Degree Summary  

The Electrical Technology program is a two year degree program which provides a sound foundation for jobs as an Electrical Technician or an Industrial or Commercial Electrician.  This degree will help students who want to become part of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union prepare for the apprenticeship entrance exam, or the State Electricians Certification exam.  In Dec of 2008 Cuesta College was approved by the State Division of Apprenticeship Standards to provide the 720hours of training mandated to take the State Electricians Certification Exam. This training can be offered either through the Electricians Union (IBEW) or an approved school.  Since Cuesta is now an approved school you can apply to become an Electricians Trainee and maintain that status as long as you are enrolled in the approved courses (or complete the program and pass the certification exam).

  • Electrician Trainee Program:
    -Allows non-union electricians who have not passed the State Electrician Certification Exam to legally work with a C10 electrical contractor.
    -Provides an alternative for the general public to become a Certified Electrician outside of the union
    -The training is equivalent to the training offered by the union apprenticeship program however this is NOT an apprenticeship program
    -Once a candidate is in (or completes) the program they can legally work with a C10 electrical contractor to obtain the 8000 hours of experience needed to become a Certified Electrician (the candidate must seek employment with a C10 contractor - this is not provided, however leads may become available through the program). 
    -The candidate can take the State Electrician Certification test at any time after completing the program but will still be an Electricians Trainee until they complete the 8000 hours of experience with the C10 contractor.

  • Entrance Qualifications:
    -No experience is needed to become an Electricians Trainee
    -The candidate does not have to be working for a C10 electrical contractor to sign up with the state as an Electricians Trainee in Cuesta's approved program
    -The cost to sign up for the program is a one time $25 fee paid to the state

  • To start the program and pick up an application package contact 805-546-3264

   Lab Pictures:   

Basic Lab   
Industrial Electronics Lab
Power Electronics Lab
Computer Lab
Cable Lab
Fiber Lab