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Electromechanical Technology Degree Summary

The Electromechanical Technology program is a two year degree program which provides a sound foundation for jobs as an Engineering Technician in most industries utilizing electromechanical controls and computerized electronics. 

This curriculum includes fundamental training in all areas of electronics including analog, digital and microprocessor circuitry as well as motor control circuits, fluid and pneumatic systems and programmable logic controllers.   The program also provides specialized training in two elective certificate options:

  • Power and Instrumentation Technology Certificate

This option provides high tech training for technician jobs in the Power Industry as well as any industry that deals with controlling processes such as petroleum and chemical processes including waste treatment plants.  The emphasis is on the maintaining and repairing the electromechanical equipment that runs the plant operation.  Graduates of this certificate will be qualified for jobs as Instrumentation and Control (I&C) and Electrical Technicians in the power industry.

The Electro-Mechanical Technology degree is not designed to be a transfer program but to provide students with industry applicable skills within a two-year period.  However, the program is currently being linked with four-year industrial technology programs such as Fresno State that will provide students with a path for continuing their degree studies.

  • Electronics Automation Technology Certificate

This option provides high tech training for jobs in Robotics Automation and Manufacturing Automation fields.  Graduates of this certificate will also be qualified for jobs as Robotic and Manufacturing Automation Engineering Technicians in many aspects of the automated manufacturing and control electronics fields  


   Lab Pictures:   

Basic Lab   
Industrial Electronics Lab
Power Electronics Lab
Computer Lab
Cable Lab
Fiber Lab