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Cultural Diversity & Student Equity Committee Postcard


Description - Primary Tasks:

  • Lead the campus in promoting cultural competence (Board Policy 7100) including reviewing, developing and recommending related programs, services and college policies.
  • Serve as the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee to create, update and monitor the Collegeís EEO Plan.
  • Plan, implement and assess training programs and learning activities, in concert with the Faculty Professional Development Committee, the Staff Professional Development Committee, the Management Professional Development Committee and /or the Office of Professional Development related to cultural competence/diversity issues.
  • Assign a liaison and collaborate with the Research Committee to assess the extent of student equity (as defined by C.C.C. Systemís Office) and to develop and recommend strategies for improvement.
  • Assign a liaison with the Cultural Center (Student Life and Leadership) to facilitate collaboration on joint diversity training and learning activities.

Minimum Composition:

Executive Dean, North County Campus and South County Centers (Cabinet & Research Committee Liaison)

Vice President of Student Services

Director of Professional Development and/or Director of Human Resources (Lead for EEO Plan)

Director of DSPS and Academic Support

Faculty members (3 minimum) with one ESL and one Counseling representative

Faculty member (1) joint appointment between Academic Senate & CCFT

Faculty Coordinator for Student Life and Leadership or designee (Cultural Center Liaison)

ASCC Representatives (2 minimum)

Classified Employee Representatives (3 minimum)

Office of Advancement representative (1 minimum)

Community Members (2 preferred)

Notes for this committee:

The Executive Dean will serve as the committee liaison to Cabinet. Co-chairs and Treasurer are elected by the committee. Co-chairs serve two year staggered terms.

Committee Description accepted by Academic Senate and Shared Governance 4/28/09


CDSE Goals 08-09

Fall 08:

  • Conduct Campus Readiness Survey
  • Define Cultural Competence. Submit definition to Shared Governance.
  • Partner with EEO Advisory Committee made up of students, faculty, staff, management, & community members. (STARTS WITH 10/10 ATTENDANCE TO EEO PROF DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY.
  • Represent CDSE on Faculty Professional Development to explore diversity
  • Partner as needed with Human Resources in accordance with commission plan for recruitment as it relates to diversity.

Spring 09:

  • Results of Readiness Survey to determine Professional Development approach to training needs. (including unlearning behaviors/attitudes). Explore possible Spring FLEX day of multiple training session that meet goals defined for cultural competence.
  • May want to plan for day before opening day for Fall 10, another training opportunity.
  • Assist with finalizing EEO preliminary model plan to chancellor for feedback.


  • Blum, Katherine
  • Brazell, Sharon
  • Cyr, Catherine, Co-chair
  • Drake, Sadie
  • Drechsler, Bailey
  • Fontanilla, Linda
  • Frederick, Todd
  • Grey, Lisa
  • Gutierrez, Anthony
  • Hamilton, Rachel
  • Hodgson, Devon
  • ASCC President
  • Klinger, Alisa
  • Limon, Diane
  • Loria, Annette
  • Love, Carina
  • McLaughlin, Sandee
  • Medeiros, Madeline, Co-chair
  • Moscoso, Glenda
  • Perez-Sesser, Margie
  • Reyes, Karen
  • Hillman, Catherine
  • Storey, Amberlyn

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