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What to take based on what you’re taking now: 

  • CISComputer Science A.S.:  Make sure you get started on the Calculus/Physics sequences if you haven’t already.  Take CIS 41 sooner rather than later unless you were already planning to be here a while.
  • MIS A.S.:  Find out which language (Java or Visual Basic) your target four-year school is using and start the appropriate sequence (Java – CIS 31, VB – CIS 114).  Be sure to get going on some of your business sequences (Accounting, Econ, Math) ASAP.
  • Currently in CIS 217:
    After this class you will have covered your support course for engineering (CSC 234) at Cal Poly.  If you are looking to move into computer science or MIS, the next class to take is CIS 31.  If a four-year computer science degree is your goal, you’ll want to take CIS 41 as soon as you can.  EE/CPE students should take ENGR 19 this Spring and CPEs should also take CIS 40 this Fall.
  • Currently in CIS 231:
    The most expeditious way to proceed is to take CIS 32 & 33 this Spring.  Each is a nine-week class and they will run back to back in the same time slot.  CIS 32 uses the same book you’ve used for CIS 31.  For greatest possible success in CIS 33 I’d suggest taking CIS 41 this Spring as well.  You may also want to take ENGR 19 (especially if you’re looking to go CSC or CPE at Cal Poly) in the Spring and CIS 40 next fall if you’re planning to stay here only one more year.
  • Currently in CIS 233:
    Get CIS 41 out of the way, and more than likely you’ll want to take CIS 40 next Fall after ENGR 19 in the spring.  MIS majors can use CIS 33 at Cal Poly; otherwise you’ll want to focus on the core business courses.

Note You can also check articulation (how Cuesta courses equate to those at four-year schools) by going to and calling up the school in question.

Degrees & Certificates

  • A.S. Computer Information Systems, Programming
  • C.S. Internet Applications Developer
  • A.S. Computer Network Administration
  • C.A. Computer Networking Specialist
  • A.S. Computer Science
  • A.S. Management Information Systems
  • A.S. Visual Basic/Database Administration

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Randy Scovil, Instructor
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