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  • CAOA 120A - Beginning Keyboarding & Document Processing
    Major objectives are to develop touch control of the keyboard and proper typing techniques, to build basic speed and accuracy, and to provide practice in applying those basic skills to the formatting of reports, letters, memos, tables, and other kinds of personal and business communications.

  • CAOA 120B - Intermediate Keyboarding & Document Processing
    This course continues developing of basic typing skills and emphasizes the formatting of various kinds of business correspondence, reports, tables, electronic forms, and desktop publishing projects from arranged, unarranged, and rough-draft sources.

  • CAOA 123 - Business English
    Provides an essential course in the writing of sentences and paragraphs necessary to prepare business communications. Introduces principles and correct application of English grammar, style, word usage, language structure, punctuation and sentence construction. Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 156.

  • CAOA 125 - Business Calculations
    Provides students with a functional knowledge of the computer numeric keypad by touch with speed and accuracy using industry standards for data entry. Includes solving various types of problems to meet employment testing standards. Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 156

  • CAOA 126 - Voice Recognition Software & Document Applications
    Uses voice-recognition software to create e-mail messages, memos, letters, and navigate the Internet. Reviews punctuation, capitalization, number and word usage principles.

  • CAOA 129 - Internship
    Provides students an opportunity to experience the responsibilities of an office employee in a business setting.

  • CAOA 153 - Essentials of MS Publisher
    Introduces the basics of a desktop publishing program allowing for the creation of brochures, newsletters, memos, postcards, envelopes, Web pages, and more - integrating with various design elements, using Microsoft Publisher.

  • CAOA 154 - Essentials of MS Outlook
    Introduces the functions of an integrated, electronic desktop information management (DIM) system. MS Outlook assists in scheduling, organizing, tracking, e-mail messaging, note taking, calendaring, contacting information, and can be used as a data source in collaboration with MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

  • CAOA 156 - Test Prep for Microsoft Office Certification (MOS)
    Provides students with the opportunity to become a Specialist in the Microsoft office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access or Outlook.) Includes unlimited review and practice tests along with test-taking strategies. Upon completion of class, student will be prepared to take MOS certification exams.

  • CAOA 162 - Beginning Keyboarding
    Introduces typing fundamentals, machine functions, keyboard use, and speed and accuracy drills.

  • CAOA 167 - Power Point
    Introduces the basic functions of the PowerPoint program to produce high-quality output for presentation to an audience. Includes web presentations. Prerequisite: CAOA 162, CAOA 120A or ability to type 25 words per minute Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 156

  • CAOA 168A - Photoshop (Level 2)
    Continues the techniques CAOA 68 introduced to enhance fliers, newsletters, presentations, and web pages in an office environment. Learn to create and produce high-quality digital images for use in professional publications.

  • CAOA 172 - Photo Elements
    Introduces the basics of image editing for the amateur photo editor. Learn to create and produce high-quality digital images and professional photographs without the complexity of professional-level software.

  • CAOA 173 - Adobe Acrobat
    Instruction of Adobe Acrobat Professional. Create Adobe PDF files from: MS Office programs, authoring programs, image files & Web pages. Learn reviewing & commenting on existing PDF files; customize output quality by compressing file size; add signatures and security to documents, convert paper forms to interactive online forms; create presentations.

  • CAOA 227 - Business Communications
    Presents a study of the principles and techniques applicable to all forms of effective business communication. Emphasis is on memorandums, e-mail, routine request letters, positive response letters, negative response correspondence, persuasive communication, and goodwill and special messages.

  • CAOA 246 - Beginning Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
    Introduces basic operations and components of a microcomputer and the Microsoft Word word processing program. Includes text entry, formatting, locating, editing, printing, fonts, writing tools, tabs, merging, headers/footers, and footnotes/endnotes. Prerequisite: Ability to type 35 words per minute Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 250 Advanced Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
    Introduces advanced operations of word processing, including desktop publishing. Prerequisite: CAOA 246 Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 252 Computer Accounting (QuickBooks Pro)
    Provides students familiar with accounting concepts the knowledge, skills, and practice needed to use microcomputers for accounting applications. Provides training for entry-level computerized bookkeepers, small business owners, and students pursuing further accounting courses. Advisory: BUS 201A or BUS 251. Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 261 Introduction to Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
    Introduces the basics of an electronic spreadsheet program using Microsoft Excel. Learn to analyze, identify, and apply the principles of macros and databases. Create charts, maps, pivot tables, and summary reports. NOTE: A timed keyboard writing will be given to verify speed. Prerequisite: CAOA 162, CAOA 120A or ability to type 25 words per minute Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 156. Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 264 Introduction to Database (Microsoft Access)
    Introduces the basics of database management, using Microsoft Access. Hands-on experience using software for database management in business office applications. NOTE: A timed keyboard writing will be given to verify speed. Prerequisite: CAOA 162, CAOA 120A or ability to type 25 words per minute Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 156. Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 266 Introduction to Computer Basics (Windows XP Professional)
    Covers the basics of the computer's Windows operating system. Includes working with folders and files, customizing the operating system environment, using a browser to explore and search the World Wide Web. Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 268 Photoshop
    Introduces the basics of an image-editing computer program using Adobe Photoshop. Learn to create and produce high-quality digital images and professional photographs. Advisory: CAOA 162, CAOA 120A or ability to type 25 words per minute. Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 269 Dreamweaver Web Publishing
    Introduces Web publishing using Macromedia Dreamweaver. Includes web design terms, techniques and publishing issues; use of Dreamweaver software for Website creation, editing and publishing; and the use of graphic image editing techniques in relation to Web publishing. Advisory: CAOA 162 OR CAOA 120A or ability to type 25 words per minute and manage personal computer files. LIBINFO 107 and CAOA 268. Transfer: CSU.

  • CAOA 271 Macromedia Flash
    Introduces the basics of maintaining content for interactive websites. Learn to maintain an engaging interface using text, graphics, moving pictures, and sound for enhancing business, marketing or personal e-commerce websites. Advisory: CAOA 120A, CAOA 162 or CAOA 266 or LIBT 116, ART 265, or equivalent knowledge. Transfer: CSU.

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