Cuesta College Television Production

Television Studio

Cuesta College boasts a recently remodeled video production facility. The one thousand square foot television studio features exterior doors large enough to bring a vehicle in for a shoot. The space is amply lit by Brightline advanced-phosphor fluorescent lamps switched by a Dove Systems lighting controller.

The studio is equipped with a versatile four-camera CCU system utilizing Sony CCD cameras. The system features two cameras with Telescript prompters on ITE camera dollys, one on a lightweight dolly and one on a Jimmy-Jib Lite boom for shots up to 18' above the production.

A wall mounted Plasma Screen Monitor can be used to review the class' production, or as a teaching aid coupled to an Elmo digital presenter.

Sound proof glass windows separate the Studio from the five hundred square foot Control Room. Control Room video switching is accomplished with a Grass Valley model 100 while audio is mixed down though a Yamaha MR1642 sixteen-channel board. Video can be recorded or played on Sony DSR-1600 or DSR-1800 DVCAM machines. A ¾" Sony VO5850 is available for legacy content. A Telescript prompter system as well as a digital CG provides a "real world" production experience.

The Director's position has a commanding view of the Control Room as well as the Studio floor. Productions can be run smoothly through the RTS Systems IFB, which allows communication with all production personnel.

Post-Production Suites

Post-production duties can be accomplished on any of three non-linear editing (NLE) workstations featuring Avid Media Composer, Avid Express Pro, Final Cut Pro, dual processing and external MOJO processors. Networking between the NLE's and the Radio Production studios allows easy importation of sophisticated audio tracks pre-produced on multitrack audio editors.

High-Quality Field Production

Field production assignments are carried out with a variety of cameras and equipment. The students are able to choose from Panasonic (AG-HMC150 and AG-HVX200) and Canon (GL-1, GL-2, and XL-1) digital video cameras. Shotgun microphones plus extendable boom poles. Wireless microphones systems. Various lightweight tripods are available as well as a Glide-Cam for moving shots. Field lighting kits complete the tools available for outside productions.