BIO 5 - Human Anatomy 4.0 units

8.0 hours per week: 2.0 hours lecture, 6.0 hours lab. Prerequisite: Eligibility for English 56 is recommended. Studies human anatomy with models and selected preserved material to demonstrate the anatomical systems. Utilizes an audio-tutorial approach to instruction. Acceptable for credit, UC, CSU, and for Zoo 237, Cal Poly.


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 BIO 6 - General Human Physiology 5.0 units

7.0 hours per week: 4.0 hours lecture, 3.0 hours lab. Prerequisite: Completion of Chem 10 and Biology 5, or equivalent. Presents the physiology of human body systems with emphasis upon functions of growth, fitness, motion and sensitivity. Lecture and laboratory contents are appropriate for students of biology, nursing, pre-medical and exercise sciences. Acceptable for credit UC, CSU, and for Zoo 238, 239, Cal Poly.

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