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Students Transferring from Other Institutions

Students who have taken some architecture courses at other institutions, usually one of California's other community colleges, may enter CuestArc with advanced standing, provided those courses are determined to be comparable to those offered here. To receive transfer credit for CuestArc courses that would be accepted for transfer to a CSU or UC campus, this would generally mean that courses completed elsewhere would also have been eligible for university transfer credit directly that school. In any case, students must have earned a grade of "C" or better to receive transfer credit from us.

Transferring students who have taken architecture courses that were not articulated with CSU or UC may apply for advanced standing at CuestArc through portfolio review. This means they would need to demonstrate that the content of that course, AND their mastery of it, made their academic experience comparable to what they would have had were they to have taken it here. Students wishing to satisfy course prerequisites in this way should contact CuestArc to schedule a review prior to registration.