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Does Tutoring Work?

Do students who use Academic Tutoring have higher success rates than students who do not? The answer is YES!

Tutorial Services, in conjunction with Cuesta’s Research Department, reviewed three semesters of tutoring contacts, or approximately 82,180 individual student contacts.

*Student contact is a one-hour session per week, per subject for approximately 15 weeks.

Good news! When comparing success rates by number of tutoring sessions, the students with higher success rates are those who had at least 5 tutoring sessions or more per semester.

A strong correlation exists between success and number of tutoring sessions; students who were tutored more than 10 times had very high success rates.

SUCCESS = Final Grade of A, B, C, or CR
Number of Sessions Successful Not Successful
No Sessions 68.5 % 31.5 %
1 – 4 66.0 % 34.0 %
5 – 10 74.9 % 25.1 %
10 + 85.8 % 14.2 %
Photograph, tutorial staff


  • fosters self-motivation, self-confidence
  • promotes the value of learning
  • creates a feeling of control over one’s educational destiny
  • provides many students with employment

Tutors help students

  • develop and use their knowledge and skills more effectively
  • apply skills to other content areas
  • improve course grade
  • become independent learners


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