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Adaptive Furniture

Students who need adaptive furniture in the classroom should review the Adaptive Furniture Procedure.

Bi-Level Adjustable Tables

2439 Walgrove Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Split table, a 12 by 36 inch keyboard tray shown a few inches below the large 18 by 36 inch desktop.


This unique table features bi-level adjustable table heights. Each section moves independently to ensure the user of the best ergonomic positioning.

Recommended Uses:

All students, especially students with disabilities, would benefit from this wonderful table.

Electric Adjustable Tables

The electric bi-level tables and electric adjustable tables allow people in wheelchairs to access necessary equipment to ensure their success in the academic setting. These tables also allow people of different heights to access such equipment at optimum levels.

An Electric Table, a toggle switch on the left side allows a user to raise and lower the desk.

Large Ergonomic Chairs

Chairs designed to support heavy individuals are available.

An ergonomic office chair, with head rest and 5 wheeled base.

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