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Taped Text

DSPS provides textbooks and other reading materials on cassette tapes to DSPS students who read slowly, have problems sounding out and identifying words, or who understand information better when it can be both seen and heard.

  1. Meet with your DSPS specialist for authorization for taped text assistance.
  2. Preview a demonstration of taped texts in DSPS.
  3. Pick up a Request for Taped Text OR Request for Alternate Media form from Support Services.
  4. Return the completed form to Support Services, along with proof of purchase of the textbook.
  5. Support Services staff will notify you when your tapes are available.
  6. You must pick up your taped texts within two weeks of notification.
  7. You may be required to provide blank tapes.


  1. DSPS Specialist or Counselor verifies the disability, determines the need, and authorizes taped texts.
  2. Student makes an appointment with SLO Assistive Technology staff or NCC DSPS Program Assistant for instructions and to preview demo tape. Student should complete the Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D) and/or the Braille Institute application form for an Individual Membership. The student may order taped texts and/or equipment directly through the above agencies. Alternatively the student may order taped texts through DSPS Support Services office by using the DSPS Institutional Membership. Listed below are the procedures for obtaining taped texts through DSPS Support Services:
    1. Student requests taped texts by completing an application packet, preferably prior to the beginning of the semester.
    2. Student provides a schedule of classes, textbook reading assignments and/or syllabus; this information must be included with the application packet.
    3. Student may need to supply blank 90-minute cassette tapes for recording. DSPS Support Services staff will advise the student if tapes are needed.
  3. Department of Rehabilitation students may contact their caseworker for assistance in obtaining the Individual Membership and equipment through RFB&D and/or the Braille Institute.
  4. If the textbook is not available through RFB&D, DSPS Support Services will attempt to locate a reader to record the textbook. Turn around time varies depending upon the availability of a reader and the length of textbook.
  5. The student must notify DSPS Support Services office of any changes in their class schedule, residence, or phone number.
  6. The student must pick up taped texts from DSPS Support Services office within two weeks of notification of their availability. If a student repeatedly does not pick up the requested taped texts, the service may be suspended. *

*Suspension of future taped texts services will be determined following a review by the DSPS Director, Support Services Coordinator and Disability Specialist. If taped texts service is suspended, the student will receive written notification. If the student wishes to appeal this decision student should follow the "Student Grievance Procedures" as outlined in the current Cuesta College catalog.

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Taped Text Request Form

The Taped Text Request form may be picked up at the Support Services Desk at the SLO or NCC DSPS Offices. Completed forms should be returned to the Support Services Desk.

Download Taped Text Request Form Taped Text Request Form, PDF file  Taped Text Request Form, MS Word file

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Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic

It is recommended that students join RFB&D, a nonprofit membership organization that provides taped textbooks for people with verified reading disabilities.

A one-time registration fee of $50 and a $25 annual fee ($75 when you apply and $25 a year thereafter) in addition to documentation of your reading disability must accompany your membership application.

Warning! "The link will take you to sites outside the Cuesta College web server. Cuesta College has no control over the content or availability of these sites."

RFB&D is a national nonprofit organization serving people who cannot read standard print because of a visual, perceptual, or other physical disability. They provide on-loan recorded books at all academic levels.

RFB&D's mission is to promote educational and professional success by converting printed materials into accessible forms and providing related products and services.

RFB&D Scholarship Information RFB&D Scholarship Information, PDF file  RFB&D Scholarship Information, MS Word file

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