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Course Substitution/Waiver

Cuesta College offers waivers for courses, such as mathematics, to allow students with disabilities to earn a degree or certificate.

If a student believes he/she cannot pass a required course or competency level to obtain his/her degree or certificate at Cuesta College because of difficulty specifically related to his/her disability, the student may petition the college for a substitution/waiver of the graduation requirement.

Waivers granted at Cuesta College apply only to a Cuesta College Certificate or Degree. They do not transfer to other colleges or universities.

If you think that you might be interested in petitioning for a waiver, meet with your specialist immediately.

Download and print the necessary forms:

  • Download Good Faith Effort Checklist  Good Faith Effort Checklist PDF file  Good Faith Effort Checklist MS Word File
  • Download Petition for Substitution/Waiver of Associate Degree or Certificate Requirements  Course Substitution Waiver Form, PDF file  Course Substitution Waiver Form, MS Word file