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 Applying for DSPS--FAQ's

What do I do to receive services from DSPS?
To receive services from DSPS you must be registered or planning to register for the current semester and:
Can you send me printed information about applying for DSPS Services?
Yes, please use our online Student Inquiry form. There are checkboxes you can fill in to request an application, verification of disability form, and several brochures.
How do I make an appointment?
Call us at the SLO Campus at (805) 546-3148, at the NCC Campus at (805) 591-6215 or stop by our office in SLO building 3300 or NCC room N3024.
Does my high school IEP and most recent psychological evaluation qualify me for DSPS services?
If the report and evaluation are less than 3 years old they may be used. You will need to apply for DSPS Services and provide copies of your paperwork.
Will my information be kept confidential.
Yes, visit our confidentiality page for more details.
Is financial assistance available to students with disabilities?
Students may be eligible to receive financial assistance. Contact:
Who qualifies for DSPS Services?
A student with a disability who is enrolled at the college and who has a verified impairment which limits one or more major life activities and which imposes an educational limitation.
Can I receive services if I have a temporary disability?
Probably. Call the DSPS office for more information.
What is an educational limitation?
An educational limitation means disability related functional limitation in the educational setting. This occurs when the limitation prevents the student from fully benefiting from classes, activities, or services offered by the college to non-disabled students, without specific additional support services or instruction as defined in Section 56005.
What are support services?
Support services are those specialized services available to students with disabilities, which are in addition to the regular services provided to all students. Such services enable students to participate in regular activities, programs and classes offered by the college. (E.g., note takers, readers for the blind, alternative testing).
How do students know what services they need?
After the student’s educational limitations have been identified by appropriate DSPS professional staff or other qualified professional, the DSPS specialist will meet with the student to complete a Student Educational Contract (SEC), which not only lists the educational goals of the students, but identifies the appropriate services to accommodate the educational limitations.
Is a student’s disability information kept confidential?
All information is strictly confidential, and no written information is released without a student signing an informed consent. Accommodations are determined in consultation with the student and the DSPS staff and must be appropriate to the student’s disability.


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