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Cuesta College Board Policies

The Cuesta College Board of Trustees has established several Board Policies which may be of interest to students with disabilities. The purpose of these policies, rules, and regulations is to define and to establish clear lines of responsibilities for the Board of Trustees, the administration, and other employees in the operation of the San Luis Obispo County Community College District.

All Cuesta College Board Policies

DSPS Policy DSPS Policy, PDF file  DSPS Policy, MS Word file
Service Animal Policy Service Animal Policy, PDF file  Service Animal Policy, MS Word file
Priority Registration Policy Priority Registration Policy, PDF file  Priority Registration Policy, MS Word file
Unlawful Discrimination Unlawful Discrimination Policy, PDF file  Unlawful Discrimination Policy, MS Word file
Student Grievance Policy (Not for discrimination complaints) *See Footnote Student Grievance Policy, PDF file  Student Grievance Policy, MS Word file

*Footnote: Board Policy 6205 is NOT for use in connection with any complaint involving (1) sexual harassment, (2) civil rights discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, national origin, religious beliefs, age, gender, color, physical or mental disabilities, veteran status, sexual orientation, or marital status, the college Affirmative Action Officer is to be contacted or sexual identity, or marital status, or (3) retaliation for filing a sexual harassment or other unlawful discrimination complaint, referring a matter for investigation, participating in an investigation of a complaint, serving as an advocate for an alleged victim or alleged offender, or who otherwise furthers the principles of the District's unlawful discrimination policy (Policy 1565). Any complaints of sexual harassment, civil rights discrimination, or retaliation (as described above) are to be exclusively handled pursuant to Policy 1565 (unlawful discrimination) and NOT as a student grievance. Board Policy 1565 is available through the web links above, next to the title of "Unlawful Discrimination.

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