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Overview of Services and Accommodations

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Academic Support (AS)

In order to help all students achieve their personal, educational, and vocational goals, Academic Support program and services offers courses, workshops, tutorial services, and resources for students and faculty to promote the learning strategies and the attitudes necessary for student academic success.

Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)

DSPS provides services that enable students with verified disabilities to participate in classes, activities, and programs offered by the college.

Academic Accommodations

Depending upon the disability, accommodations include such things as alternative testing, recorded, braille, or electronic texts, use of adapted equipment, sign language interpreters, notetakers or scribes.

Academic Aides

Classroom aides may be provided to students requiring special assistance in the classroom. For example, a student who is a paraplegic would require assistance in getting out his or her books and materials and turning pages of a textbook or manipulating classroom handouts.

Adaptive Equipment

Available Adaptive Equipment includes electric wheelchair, electric scooter, Phonic Ear, 4-track tape player, CD textbook player, spellchecker, electronic stethoscope, Perkins Brailler, Sewell Raised Line Drawing Tool, and talking, 4-function, scientific, or graphing calculators.

Adaptive Furniture

Available Adaptive Furniture includes adaptive electronic tables, padded or adjustable chairs for large students, and small desks or tables.

Adapted Physical Education

Adapted Physical Education is available for students with physical disabilities.

Adjunct Study Skills

These half-unit courses provide specific and focused learning assistance for targeted discipline courses, integrating how-to-learn with what-to learn, thereby increasing student success for all students.

Advocate for Yourself

In college, you are responsible for getting the help you need. Advocates are persons who know what they want and will stand up for their rights.

Alternate Media

All college publications and instruction materials can be made available to students with disabilities in an alternate media of their choice. For example, the Alternate Media Facilitator can Braille almost all of the textbooks and instruction materials an instructor makes available to students.

Alternative Testing

DSPS Support Services administers course and assessment exams with accommodations, such as extra time, quiet settings, computers, calculators, or alternate test formats.

Architectural Barrier Removal

Evaluating architectural barriers and recommending changes to improve campus accessibility is a top priority for the district.

Assistive listening devices

Phonic Ear devices are available for assistive listening.

Assistive technology

Assistive technology, including large monitors, trackballs, ergonomic keyboards, and screen magnification and screen reading software are available on classroom and lab computers.

Assistive Technology Center (ATC)

The ATC offers adaptive computer hardware and software technologies to students with disabilities. Assistive technology includes voice recognition technology, voice synthesizers, screen reading software, Braille printer, reading machines, optical scanner, and electronic key guards. Courses are offered in keyboarding, word processing, scanning, and the Internet.


Textbooks, tests, and course handouts can be converted to braille, large print, or computer files for students with print disabilities.


DSPS provides academic counseling, disability-related counseling, and educational planning.


Courses designed specifically for students with learning disabilities include reading, spelling, writing, math, and computer literacy.

Course Waivers

If a student cannot pass a required course to obtain a degree or certificate at Cuesta College because of difficulty related to his/her disability, the student may petition for a substitution/waiver of the requirement.

Handicapped Parking

Cuesta College has handicapped parking spaces in all parking lots. A permit is required to park on campus.

High School Transition

Information for students with disabilities who plan to go directly from High School to Cuesta College.

Interpreters for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

DSPS provides professionals who provide sign language interpretation in the classroom to students with severe to profound hearing loss.

Learning Disabilities Assessment

Individualized learning disabilities assessment is offered to determine eligibility for services.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities offer an alternative to the traditional individual course approach by enrolling a cohort of students in a cluster of courses which are unified by a theme and emphasize active, collaborative, and reflective learning strategies.

Mobility Assistance

An accessible cart is available to provide on-campus transportation on a short-term basis only. A regular transportation service for an entire semester is not provided.


DSPS works with instructors to find student volunteers, who provide copies of course notes.

Priority Registration

DSPS offers early, or "priority" registration to students with verified disabilities.


Readers are available to assist students with visual impairments, reading disabilities, and some physical disabilities during tests and final exams.

Registration Assistance

DSPS offers course advisement and WebReg (course registration) assistance.

DSPS Walk-In Academic Support

DSPS offers walk-in math and reading/writing support to DSPS students.

Suspension of DSPS Services

Services may be suspended for failing to comply with DSPS policies and procedures.

Taped Texts

DSPS provides assistance obtaining textbooks that are recorded on audio tape for DSPS students who have print disabilities.


DSPS needs volunteers to read textbooks and exams, to transcribe audiotapes, and to edit electronic text files.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?

Many of the services and accommodations above provided a link to a page with more information about that service and how to request it. If there was not a link, or if you have questions, please contact DSPS Support Services at:

  • DSPS Support Services Reception Desk, SLO Campus, Bldg. 3300, or 546-3100 x2527 V, or (805) 546-3149 TDD or 546-3148 V/TDD. E-mail address:
  • DSPS Support Services, NC Campus, Room N3024, or (805) 591-6215 or (805) 591-6216 TDD. E-mail address:

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