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The 100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words

This list was compiled over 50 years ago by National Curriculum Associates from the creative writings of 14,643 children. The submissions were checked for spelling errors by city and by grade levels (3-8). The following represents the 100 most commonly misspelled words, arranged in alphabetical order. It is interesting that a half century later these same words are still causing problems for writers.


again dropped  looked their
all right every many  then
always  February money there
an first morning they
and for mother they're
animals friend name things
another friends named thought
around frightened off threw
asked from once through
babies getting our to
beautiful going people together
because happening pretty too
before hear received tried
believe heard running two
bought here said until
came him school very
caught  interesting some wanted
children its something went
clothes it's sometimes were
coming jumped started when
course knew stopped where
cousin know surprise with
decided let's swimming woman
didn't like than would
different little that's you're


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