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Confusing Words

Some words are often confused with other words. These confusing words, when misused by writers, may lead to embarrassing errors. Consider the word dessert in the following sentence: The camel crossed the dessert. The confusion of dessert and desert is a common spelling error that conjures up an unusual picture. More confusing word pairs are listed below.

accept/except eminent/imminent
access/excess empire/umpire
adapt/adept envelop/envelope
advice/advise expand/expend
affect/effect farther/further
alley/ally foreword/forward
all ready/already formally/formerly
all together/altogether later/latter
anecdote/antidote lay/lie
angel/angle lend/loan
any way/anyway loose/lose
bazaar/bizarre massage/message
beside/besides moral/morale
biannual/biennial of/off
bibliography/biography pastor/pasture
breath/breathe perfect/prefect
command/commend  personal/personnel
confidant/confident picture/pitcher
conscience/conscious precede/proceed
 cooperation/corporation preposition/proposition
costume/custom quiet/quite
decent/descent recent/resent
desert/dessert than/then
device/devise thorough/through


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