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Words With Silent Letters

Some words have silent letters that can be bothersome to spellers. Spellers must learn that the silent letter or letters are part of the standard spelling of these words.

Silent Vowels

Vowels Words
a (in a digraph) aisle, team, spread, boat
e (in a digraph) great, heist, feud, pie, toe
e (ending vowel) pale, scene, lime, stove, fuse
i (in a digraph) pail, receive, believe, juice
o (in a digraph) people, jeopardy
u (in a digraph) gauge, laugh, guess, guide

Silent Consonants

Consonants Words
b comb, tomb, bomb, debt
c black, scene, science
d fudge, bridge, ledge
f cliff, stuff, staff
g gnarl, gnaw, gnome, foreign, sign
h ghost, whistle; school, chord
k knee, knife, knowledge
l quill, swell, tall
m mnemonics
n condemn, column, solemn
p pneumonia, receipt
s brass, fuss, press
t depot, potpourri, watch
w window, shadow, answer
z jazz, buzz

Silent Diagraph

Consonant Digraph Words
gh high, daughter

Some silent letters are sounded when other word forms are created.

Base Words Other Word Forms
sign (silent letter g) signal, signature
bomb (silent letter b) bombard, bombardier
solemn (silent letter n) solemnity, solemnize


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