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Reading Flexibility

  Mode Purpose Rate Recommended Rate Range
Decrease 1. Analytical cal reading (legal documents, persuasive essays) To analyze information for inference, language, tone, bias; to evaluate logic and writer's craft. Usually the slowest rate. Varies with complexity of material. May require more than one reading. 150-250 wpm
  2. Study reading (textbooks) To learn, synthesize, and retain information; gaining complete understanding of text material. Rate varies with amount to be learned and type of material. 150-300 wpm
Base Rate 3. General reading (newspapers, magazines, novels) To read as a leisure-time activity for pleasure and general information. Rate varies with material, purpose, and familiarity. 250-500 wpm
  4. Skimming (initial research) To get a general idea of the material and some details; to get a mental outline of material's organization. Can be twice as fast as general reading rate. 500-1000 wpm
Increase 5. Scanning (phone numbers, airline schedules) To locate specific information and answer questions as quickly as possible. Fastest rate with no specific wpm determined. 1000+ range


Textbook Study Skills

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