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Critical Thinking

I. Uses of Critical Thinking

II. Critically evaluating the logic and validity of information

Evaluating various Types of Statements

Distinguishing between fact and opinion

Recognizing generalizations

Testing hypotheses

Weighing the adequacy of data and evidence

Evaluating Persuasive Material

Recognizing persuasive language

Biased language

Slanted language

Evaluating Arguments

Asking Critical Questions

III. Recognizing Propaganda Techniques and Errors of Faulty Logic

Types of Propaganda

Errors of Faulty Logic

Errors of Attack and Errors of Weak Reference

IV. Developing the ability to analyze historical and contemporary information

Synthesizing information

Cause & effect

Compare & contrast

Problem solution


Using Analogies

V. Recognizing various viewpoints

VI. Appreciating the complexities involved in decision-making and problem solving

A 5 Step Problem solving strategy

Keys to problem solving

Decision making strategy

VII. Being a Responsible Critical Thinker &Collaborating with others


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