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PLATO Courseware

We are very excited to be introducing a new software package in the lab.

PLATO courseware modules contain tutorials, drills, applications, problem solving activities, reviews, practice, and mastery tests.  Assessment tests diagnose and automatically prescribe individualized learning paths within a specific PLATO course for each learner. A wide variety of assessment strategies are available.


Reading & Writing

Intermediate Reading for the Real World 
Essential Reading Skills 
Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension 
Reading for Information 
Writing in the Workplace 
Writing Series


Math Fundamentals 
Math Problem Solving 
Applied Math 
Beginning Algebra 
Intermediate Algebra 
Advanced Algebra 
Geometry Measurement 
Data Skills

Career Skills

Reading for Information 
Writing in the Workplace 
Data Skills 

Thematic Instruction

Advanced Reading Strategies

PLATO Learning System Overview

Age Appropriate Learning Focus

PLATO courses were designed specifically to meet the needs of young adult and adult learners. They provide instruction for basic through advanced skills and language, examples, and content that are appropriate for them and reflect their lives and concerns.

PLATO Pathways Curriculum Manager

The PLATO Pathways Curriculum Manager directs the learner through prescribed lessons while maintaining comprehensive records on progress. The combination of computer-assisted and computer-managed instruction individualizes the instruction for each learner and assures mastery of the learning content.

Curriculum Structure

The PLATO curricula are designed for learners with a wide range of instructional needs. Each curriculum has a number of courses. A course is divided into several units called modules. Modules consist of a series of lessons or learning activities. A learning activity can be a pretest, a tutorial, a drill, an application, a review exercise, or a mastery test.

Assessment tests are available to determine which course modules a learner should study. Using the assessment results, the PLATO Pathways Curriculum Manager software places a learner at a particular level in the curriculum. Instructors may also place learners directly. The learners are then able to proceed through the instruction independently. Modular design allows learners to move smoothly through the curriculum at their own pace, concentrating their time and effort on lessons that target their particular needs. They use their time efficiently and get a sense of their own success and progress.


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