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Course Requirements

  1. You will receive lab credit based on completing the required number of hours. Grading is on "credit/ no credit" basis. Independent work in the laboratory must be completed each week by arrangement with the instructor.
  2. Maximum enrollment is 1 unit per semester.
  3. Units are not transferable & not degree applicable. ACSK005 may be taken no more than 4 semesters.

    One unit of credit = 3 hours/week = 51 hours/semester
    1/2 unit of credit = 1.5 hours/week = 26 hours/semester

  4. Instruction is provided by computer programs, videocassettes, and other media.
  5. Pre and post-testing will be administered to determine the placement and progress of each student.
  6. The Academic Support Lab provides an open lab setting throughout the day for ACSK005 students to work on Lab assignments; Lab students do not set a schedule with the instructional aides and are welcome to come in whenever the lab is open and space is available.

    ACSK005 Lab hours are the following:

    • Monday—Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Fridays: CLOSED
  7. The time you spend in the Lab is recorded on a marked, designated computer in the Lab. Log on and off the computer whenever you work in the Lab. Do not forget to log in and out or you may not meet the total number of required hours. If you intend to take a break lasting longer than 10 minutes, please log out before you leave.
  8. All Lab hours must be completed by the last day of instruction; the Lab is not open during final examination week.
  9. Lab time is only to be used for completing basic skill assignments given by the lab instructor. Work for other courses is not allowed during lab time. Lab time is for independent study tutorial work only. Work for other courses is not allowed on Lab time.
  10. ACSK005 is a “real” course, so please discourage friends from visiting while you’re trying to complete work. The Lab needs to be a quiet place where students are not distracted from their concentration by conversations.
  11. Please keep an accurate log sheet--record daily work and progress made.
  12. Check with the lab instructor for extra credit and workshop information. This information is updated frequently.
  13. When attending a workshop, first log in (on our Lab’s check-in computer). After the workshop, be sure to let the lab instructor know, and you will receive an additional 30 minutes of Lab credit.
    To enroll in the lab:
  1. Obtain an add form and signature from the lab instructor.
  2. Take that form to Registration.
  3. Bring the enrollment receipt to the lab aide.
  4. Schedule orientation and assessment.
  5. All walk-ins are welcome to come in and use any of the available resources. This is a very clean, nicely lit, and quiet place to get all your work done.

We are very excited to be introducing a new software package in the lab.  
PLATO courseware modules contain tutorials, drills, applications, problem solving activities, reviews, practice, and mastery tests.  Assessment tests diagnose and automatically prescribe individualized learning paths within a specific PLATO course for each learner. A wide variety of assessment strategies are available.

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