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Adjunct Study Skills

Adjunct Skills is designed to provide students from a specific course (i.e. Poly Sci or Psychology) with learning strategies and small group instruction to help them be more successful in their classes. By learning how to learn in context, you can better adapt to different learning situations in academic and career settings. These half-unit courses provide specific and focused learning assistance for targeted discipline courses, integrating how-to-learn with what-to learn, thereby increasing student success.


You will learn study strategies (note taking, test taking, etc.) and begin applying them to your primary course learning processes. You will discover your own learning style as well as effective strategies for dealing with everyday problems that may interfere with your efforts to succeed in college (i.e. time management).


For this .5 unit course you must complete:

  • on-line orientation go to Tutorial Services and review the Adjunct menu items
  • 10 of the 12 group tutorial sessions
  • eight hours of on-line modules/labs/workshops
  • one meeting with Mr. Brudney during office hours
  • one Adjunct instructor meeting with Cheryl- during office hours

At least twenty-one hours to receive credit. 


Cheryl Ziehl at 546-3100 x2751 or Mary Hastings at 546-3150.


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