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Study Skills Sites

Study Skills Self-Help Information 
Virginia Tech Study Skills Self-help Information, including time management, improving test performance, textbook reading comprehension, improving comprehension, and more.

Reading Skills Sites

Vocabulary University®
Vocabulary University® at provides FREE vocabulary puzzles to enhance vocabulary mastery.
Grammar Book
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. This easy-to-use guide and workbook is an indispensable reference. It even includes exercises and tests (with answers).

Math Study Skills Sites 
 Academic games and puzzles and so much more—it’s outstanding! Covers numbers, words, universe, culture, and more. Algebra Modules/Lessons, Family Education Network.
Purplemath--Your Algebra Resource 
Practical Algebra Lessons, Hints, Examples, and common mistakes to avoid. Begins with topics such as absolute number and fractions, moves on through beginning, intermediate, and advanced algebra topics, and ends with a section on solving word problems. Elizabeth Stapel, Western International University.

Learning Styles Inventory

Learning Style Survey
This learning style inventory was created by a learning specialist at Diablo Community College. It provides effective study strategies related to specific learning preferences.
The Web as a Research Tool: Evaluation Techniques 
Covers the need for evaluating web sources, and the application of traditional print evaluation criteria to the web, Media Awareness Network.
Learning Styles
Learn about "how you learn". Discover methods for using your strengths & tools for supporting your weaknesses!

Links to More Study Skills Sites

Sites to Promote Academic Success 
A listing of dozens of web sites with academic success information, University of Northern Iowa.
Guide to Effective Learning 
A listing of study skills web sites, University of Birmingham.
Learning to Learn 
Links to reading and study resources, University of Toronto.
College Prep Online 
Links to study skills resources at Cal Poly's Academic Support Center and University of Texas, Free University Project.

Academic Support Web Links
National Learning Communities Project at the Evergreen State College -- Lots of Information
Maricopa Community College District, Arizona -- Wonderful teaching ideas
Delta College

California Community College Academic Support Web Links:
Cerritos College
De Anza College

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