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How to become a TUTOR

Tutor and tutee in tutorial center.

Applications to become a tutor are available in the Tutorial Center, located in the Academic Support Center, Building 3300. The application is also available as a MS Word or PDF file, below.

Completed Applications should be submitted to the Tutorial Center.

Most tutors are hired based on successful completion of coursework and by instructor recommendation.

Tutors earn an hourly wage, must be enrolled in six units or more, may work a maximum of 20 hours a week, and receive priority registration.

New tutors are required to take ACSK 168 -- Tutor Training, a one-unit course, during the first semester of tutoring.

Finerprinting and TB testing are required; both are available on campus.

The following forms can be filled out online, you will need to print them out and turn them in to the Tutorial Center.

  • Application to become a Tutor   Application to become a Tutor PDF file   Application to become a Tutor Word file
  • Instructor Recommendation Form  Instructor Referral Form PDF file   Instructor Referral Form Word file   Instructor Referrals, Information


The North Carolina Undergraduate Tutorial Center has produced an excellent series of videos on "Productive tutoring techniques," which includes demonstrating effective techniques, practicing in real tutoring situations, and reflecting upon situations. These videos are used in our ACSK 168, Tutor Training course.

Portions of these videos can be viewed at:

Why should I be a tutor? 

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