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Flex Activities

Electronic Curb Cuts

This class teaches you how to improve the usability of your web site without significantly changing its appearance. The course covers cascading style sheets which are used to create a consistent look over all of your web pages.

Curbcuts are added to our sidewalks to improve access for individuals who use wheelchairs. Come join us for a 2-hour training session and learn how to add electronic curbcuts to your web page to improve access for individuals with visual disabilities. Unlike sidewalk curbcuts, these electronic curbcuts do not change the appearance of your web page. Please bring a copy of your web page or pages on a floppy or zip disk. You will learn how to use software tools such as Bobby, A-Prompt, and ACC- Verify to analyze and modify your web page.

Digital Captioning

Do you use digital video in your courses or on your web site? If so, this may be the class for you. Videos are great, but without closed captions, they are not very useful for deaf individuals. In this class, we will add text captions to a digital movie file, and learn how to link to the movie from a web page.

This course teaches you how to add captions to your digital videos, such as MPEG, AVI, and MOV files. We will use the MagPie Freeware Software to add both captions and audio descriptive narration to sample videos.

Improving Course Accessibility for Students with Disabilities

Have you ever had a student with a disability in your class and not known what to do? We'll watch a 12 minute video on working with students with disabilities. You'll learn to evaluate course materials, including textbooks, handouts, videos and course web pages for accessibility by students with disabilities. Bring sample handouts from your classes and we'll discuss how to make them more accessible, including working with the Alternate Media Facilitator, who can create braille, tactile diagrams, electronic text, and captioned videos.

To learn when these courses are offered, please the Visit Cuesta College Flex Activities page.

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