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Assistive Technology Center

Assistive Technology Center, Photo of computers and students.

The Assistive Technology Center (ATC) provides students with disabilities access to computers and computer training through state-of-the-art adaptive computer technology. The ATC offers evaluations and training in the use of assistive computer technology.

  • automatic spelling checks for students with a learning disability
  • automatic scanning and image enhancing machines for students with visual impairments, and speech output for students with visual impairments or learning disabilities
  • courses are offered in keyboarding, word processing, scanning, and the Internet
  • places assistive technology where appropriate on campus

Assistive Technology:

Assistive technology gives individuals with disabilities access to computers and electronic information.

  • screen reading software allows blind individuals to hear what is on their computer screen
  • screen magnification software enlarges images for people with reduced vision
  • speech recognition software allows computers to recognize human speech, reducing the need for typing
  • word prediction software assists in the creation of documents

For specific assessment in terms of the appropriate assistive technology for a specific student, the student will make an appointment with the Assistive Technology Specialist who will authorize the appropriate access to these technologies.

When a technology that is authorized is needed in a place where it is not currently available, the Assistive Technology Specialist will work with the Alternate Media Facilitator to make sure that the technology is available to the person requiring the authorized assistive technology. This request should go through the Support Services Coordinator at the SLO Campus.

* Arrange an appointment with the Assistive Technology Specialist to be re-evaluated if there are any changes in your assistive technology needs.

Students who need assistive technology in their classroom or lab to complete coursework should contact their DSPS specialist.

Assistive Technology Classes:

ATC classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities and technology anxiety.

  • hands-on practice
  • up-to-date technology
  • individual help
  • disability specific instruction
  • learning style specific instruction
  • non-stressful environment

For more information contact Kathy Peters at 546-3100 x2483 voice, 546-3930 fax, or

See us in room 3305 on the SLO campus for advice on what computer classes are best for you!


The ATC has a variety of adapted hardware, including ergonomic keyboards, one-handed keyboards, trackballs, mice, graphics tablets, large monitors, B&W and color printers, and braille embossers.


The ATC has a variety of adapted software, including screen magnification and screen reading programs.

Faculty & Staff:

Faculty teach, advise, and provide support which allows students with disabilities to learn the skills necessary to fully participate in the regular college program.

The staff of the Assistive Technology Center have expertise in their respective fields, including: learning disabilities, speech and language disabilities, psychological impairments, mobility impairments, visual and hearing disabilities.

Name Title Phone
Kathy Peters Instructor 546-3100 ext. 2483
Louie Rossa-Quade Instructional Associate 546-3100 ext. 3929
Ann Bernhardt Instructor 546-3100 ext. 2491


The Assistive Technology Center is located in room 3305 of the High Tech Center Building. Tactile versions of the campus and building maps are available at the San Luis Obispo DSPS Office.

Hours of Operation:

Days Time
Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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