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Alternate Testing Facility, Room 3333, SLO Campus

Alternate Testing

Quiet testing room with tables, chairs, and soundproofing on the walls.

DSPS provides alternative testing for students who have difficulty taking tests. Class tests are taken in DSPS in a reduced distraction setting. Accommodations might include extra time, a reader, a scribe, use of a computer, enlarged print, and/or other accommodations determined by a specialist. This service must be authorized by a DSPS specialist.

Alternative Testing Procedure

  1. Pick up an Authorization to Administer Test form from DSPS Support Services.
  2. Take the form to your class instructor during the instructor's office hour.
  3. Ask our instructor to complete the Arrangement section of the form, sign it, and keep one copy.
  4. Return the completed from to Support Services at least one week before the test (two weeks before a final exam) and schedule the time and day you will take the test.
  5. Report to the DSPS Support Services Office when it is time to take the test.

All testing materials and aids taken into the testing room must be approved.

When scheduling classes, try to keep clear the hour before or after any class for which you will want extended testing time.

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