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Learning Disability Eligibility
Testing Procedure

Cuesta College students who are currently registered may apply for Learning Disabilities Testing. Applying for testing does not guarantee that you will qualify for or receive services through DSPS. For more information on the definition of Learning Disability, visit the L. D. Eligibility page. Follow the steps below to complete the L. D. Testing process.

  1. Application
    • Requests an L.D. Application Packet for testing from DSPS, San Luis Obispo Campus, Bldg. 3300 or North County Campus Room N3024. There are a limited number of testing appointments. Packets may be obtained:
      • beginning at 8 a.m. on the Wednesday of the first week of classes (but not before), and
      • on a designated Monday halfway through the semester.
    • Fill out the application completely and return it to the DSPS secretary.
    • Make an appointment for Group Testing through the DSPS secretary.
  2. Group Testing (2 hrs.)
    • After completing the Group Testing session, you will be given an add slip for ACSK 140, Diagnostic Testing (.5 units).
    • Turn in your add slip to the Admissions and Records Office, or Student Services Desk, 3000 Building (NCC).
    • Schedule an individual appointment for Learning Disabilities Eligibility Testing through the DSPS secretary. Bring your updated registration slip showing that you have added ACSK 140 to the DSPS office. An individual testing appointment will be scheduled only after you show proof of enrollment in ACSK 140.
  3. Individual Appointment for Learning Disabilities Eligibility Testing (4 hrs.)
    • You will meet individually with an examiner for a four-hour testing session. If you miss that appointment, you will not be able to reschedule another testing session that semester due to the limited number of testing appointments.
  4. Learning Disabilities Specialist Follow-up Appointment (2 hrs.)
    • After you have completed your individual testing, make an appointment with a Learning Disabilities Specialist through the DSPS secretary to discuss your test results, determine eligibility for services, and recommendations.

If you have any questions, please call the SLO DSPS office at 546-3148 or NCC DSPS office at 591-6215. If you cannot or do not want to schedule L. D. Testing at Cuesta College, we have a referral list of local psychologists who do educational testing. Requirements for private LD Testing.

Please arrive promptly for all of your testing appointments and meetings.

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