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Learning Disabled
Student Eligibility Requirements

The California Community Colleges' definition of "learning disabled" is one of the most comprehensive in the nation, and it differs from many K-12 school and Rehabilitation definitions. The California Community College L. D. definition (California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 56014) includes all of the following components:

  1. The learning problem is not a result of low abilities; vision or hearing problems; emotional, behavioral, or psychological disabilities; acquired brain injuries; nor learning English as a Second Language (ESL). Students with sensory impairments, emotional and psychological disabilities, and ESL students might also have a learning disability. Students with acquired brain injuries or developmental disabilities cannot be diagnosed as L. D., but still might be eligible for DSPS services. 
  2. Average to above average intellectual abilities, as measured by standardized tests. 
  3. Measured achievement in an academic or employment setting. 
  4. Severe discrepancy between measured cognitive processing abilities. 
  5. Severe discrepancy between measured cognitive ability and academic achievement. 
  6. Professional judgment by a community college Learning Disabilities Specialist.

Currently enrolled Cuesta College students can complete an evaluation by a Learning Disabilities Specialist to determine eligibility for L. D. programs and services. Contact DSPS for more information. Or visit the L. D. Testing web page.

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