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Course Substitution/Waiver

Good Faith Effort With Accommodations Documentation Checklist

Good Faith Effort With Accommodations Documentation should be in writing and all statements should be attached to the Petition for Substitution/Waiver of Associate Degree or Certificate Requirements Based on Verified Disability when it is submitted to the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) specialist.

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 c 1. Document that you began your course sequence at the appropriate level as suggested by your college placement test(s) or verification from a counselor or admissions official.
 c 2. Document that you used the services authorized on your DSPS Student Educational Contract (e.g., extended time on exams and tutoring). Verification of services can be obtained through the DSPS Support Services Office and your DSPS specialist.
 c 3. Document tutoring assistance. The Academic Tutoring Center, Math or Writing Labs, and DSPS Academic Support can provide written verification. If other sources have been used by you, have the person(s) helping you write a letter verifying you participated regularly in tutoring or a study group.
 c 4. Request that your instructor write a statement regarding:
a. lack of possibility that you would complete the course successfully by the deadline to drop with a "W"; and
b. that you attended class regularly, turned in the required assignments, took the exams, and met with the course instructor to discuss problems and concerns.

Review all documentation with your counselor or DSPS specialist to ensure you have the necessary verifications for demonstrating you have met the "Good Faith Effort" criteria.

(non transferable to university level)

If you believe you cannot pass a required course to obtain your A.A. or A.S. Degree or to complete the requirements for a certificate program at Cuesta College because of difficulty specifically related to your disability, read the following information.


  1. You must have a verified disability that affects your achievement in the course (or courses) in which you intend to apply for a course substitution/waiver.
  2. You must have acknowledged and followed the procedures set forth in the "Good Faith Effort" policy which states that you have basically done everything in your power to pass the course. (Obtain the written policy: " `Good Faith Effort' for Course Substitution or Waiver" from your DSPS Specialist or the DSPS Counselor.)
  3. You must meet with your DSPS Specialist/Counselor to determine whether you qualify to apply for a course substitution/waiver. If it is determined that you indeed are a candidate for this process, the DSPS Specialist/Counselor will give you the "Petition for Substitution/Waiver of Associate Degree or Certificate Requirements Based on Verified Disability." Discuss the petition thoroughly with your Specialist or Counselor and if you do qualify for the petition, begin following the procedure outlined on the petition itself. The Specialist/Counselor you work with will assist you in the petition process.

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