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Academic Accommodations

Request Procedure

(Reference: Title 5, Section 56027)

Student Faculty

1. A student with a verifiable disability who wishes accommodation in a class must provide a written request of the specific accommodations he believes he will need to the affected faculty member within ten (10) working days before the date of the needed accommodation.

   If the student is not registered with DSPS, he must provide the relevant information regarding his disability to the respective faculty member along with the written request for accommodations.

   Note: If the student is registered with DSPS, the written request should mention this fact. (In addition, any student registered with DSPS should have a signed Consent for Release of Information form on file.) The faculty member may request to access information from DSPS on a "need-to-know" basis in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

1. When the faculty member receives the written request for accommodations from the student, she should contact DSPS to check if the student is registered with them. If the student is registered, the faculty member should consult with DSPS regarding verification of the student's disability, educational limitations and appropriate accommodations.

   If the student is not registered with DSPS, the instructor should consider the student's written request with the accompanying documentation of the student's disability, educational limitations and appropriate accommodations. The instructor may consult with DSPS.

2. The student will receive a written reply to his request within five (5) working days.

2. The faculty member has five (5) working days after receiving the student’s written request from the student to gather information and provide a written response to the student. If the faculty member believes academic issues are raised by offering the requested accommodation, she should consult with her division chair and a minimum of two faculty members appointed by the chair as to whether the proposed accommodations are academically appropriate.

3. If the student's accommodation request is denied, the student may ask to meet with a committee convened by DSPS in order to determine what accommodations would be appropriate. The committee will be comprised of the faculty member, the respective division chair (or his designee), and a DSPS specialist.

3. If the instructor and division chair agree that such accommodations are inappropriate and the student requests further action, the instructor and division chair will meet with a DSPS specialist, and the student to determine what accommodations are appropriate. *

4. If the committee cannot agree or decides against the student, the student may appeal the matter in writing to the Director of Disabled Student Programs and Services with all appropriate documentation attached. An ad hoc administrative committee will be convened and comprised of the following members:

  • Vice President of Instruction and/or Director of Disabled Student Programs and Services
  • Academic Senate President (or designee)
  • Cluster Dean (or other comparable level manager if there is no cluster dean)
  • DSPS Specialist who has not been directly involved with the case to this point
  • Student appointed by the ASCC president
5. A decision shall be reached within ten (10) working days of submission to this committee. If an interim decision was put in place prior to the committee's decision, the student cannot be held accountable for repeating work completed with an accommodation during the interim period.

6. If the decision is in the faculty’s favor, the student may drop the course without penalty or may file a written appeal with the 504/ADA Coordinator within ten (10) working days of the final decision of the ad hoc administrative committee.
Contact: 504/ADA Coordinator (Human Resources Director), Cuesta College, Administration Building, Room 8003, P.O. Box 8106, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93403-8106.
Phone: (805) 546-3100, ext. 3129

6. If the decision is in the student’s favor, the faculty member will implement the committee’s recommendations.

*. The Section 504 Coordinator, or other designated district official with knowledge of accommodation requirements, may make an interim decision pending a final resolution (Title 5, Section 56027), provided that decision does not contradict any prior policy decisions regarding accommodations in that course reached by the relevant division and DSPS. All division decisions establishing an accommodation policy should be filed with DSPS.

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