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Apply for DSPS Services

Who is eligible for DSPS Services?

To be eligible to receive services through DSPS, you must:

  • be enrolled at Cuesta College
  • complete a DSPS application for services
  • have a disability that has been verified by an appropriate professional
  • have a disability that results in an educational limitation *
  • provide verification of your disability
  • possess the ability to respond appropriately to questions, follow directions, and demonstrate the potential to benefit from DSPS programs and services
  • demonstrate appropriate adaptive and/or self-help behavior. This includes providing your own personal attendant care if needed. DSPS staff will not provide this service.
  • meet with a DSPS specialist or counselor to establish a Student Educational Contract (SEC).

You may be eligible for programs or services from DSPS if you have one or more of the following disabilities:


* An educational limitation is a disability-related functional limitation in the educational setting. An educational limitation prevents you from fully benefiting from classes, activities, or services offered to non-disabled students without specific, additional support services or instruction. DSPS Services must be directly related to your educational limitation.

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